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Hey Ricky! It’s been awhile. Tom Lehman here and I don’t think we’ve spoken since I cut you from the 2006 Ryder Cup team. As you know that wasn’t my choice, but Jim Furyk just refused to play with you. Have you guys have worked that out yet?


We probably would have won with you on the team.


Anyway, I hear you’ve made it onto another really great team. The “Stars” Team, at this year’s “Baron Horne Memorial Senior Tournament,” at Persimmon Ridge. 


I almost feel sorry for Tom Tuggle, Captain of the “Stripes” Team, playing in the color White. He’s in real trouble with you playing on Fred Gupton's  Red "Stars" team. No matter what Jim Furyk says.


Just some friendly Captain to Captain advice - Tell Fred, Tom and the other 34 players to avoid the rough this year. 2020 has been hard enough.

Agoura Hills - Gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains

Agoura Hills Celebrates Pride Month with Flag Raising Ceremony at City Hall


06/07/2024 10:00 AM

Contact: Ramiro Adeva
Assistant City Manager
City of Agoura Hills


Agoura Hills Celebrates Pride Month with Flag Raising Ceremony at City Hall

Agoura Hills, Calif., June 07, 2024: In a vibrant display of support and inclusion, the City of Agoura Hills (City) celebrated Pride Month with a special ceremony at City Hall on Friday, June 7, where the Progress Pride flag was raised up the Civic Center flagpole.

Los Angeles County Board Chair Lindsey P. Horvath joined City officials, including Mayor Illece Buckley Weber, Mayor Pro Tem Penny Sylvester, and LGBTQ+ community member Parker Goldsmith in this significant act of solidarity.

"Raising the Progress Pride flag above Agoura Hills City Hall, and in all corners of Los Angeles County, is a significant act of solidarity and inclusion," said Chair Horvath. "It celebrates our unwavering commitment to embracing and supporting our vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community. By coming together to raise this flag, we affirm that Agoura Hills sees you, values you, and honors you just as you are."


"The raising of the Progress Pride flag at our City Hall is a resolute symbol of our enduring commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality. This event was not merely about raising a flag; it's about raising awareness, fostering understanding, and promoting a culture of acceptance and respect in our City,” said City of Agoura Hills Mayor Illece Buckley Weber. The Mayor added, “This special ceremony is part of our ongoing celebration of national heritage months this year and I could not be happier to be Mayor during a time in our City’s history when unity and kindness are needed more now than ever before.”




Agoura Hills is one of the best-kept secrets in Los Angeles County boasting a unique blend of history rural charm and vibrant community in the heart of the scenic Conejo Valley when you live play eat or stay local you're supporting the businesses that make our community one-of-a-kind and a wonderful place to call home


we are proud to offer residents and visitors a blend of charming local shopping and dining options along with well-known eateries and national retailers whether you're looking for a handmade gift a tasty treat or the perfect outfit for a night out at one of our bistros or tasting rooms you'll find it in Agoura Hills.


the city of Agoura Hills is a great place to start your business it has the proximity to Los Angeles while being just at the foothills of Santa Monica Mountains. we have large corporations as well as small mom and pops a wonderful fabric of a business community your employees get to enjoy this unique quality of life we welcome you to the city of Agoura Hills did you know that our community is home to more than 50 restaurants and retailers, four hotels, and a four-star golf course.


shopping, dining and staying in agoura hills ensures our tax dollars stay local and contribute to our city's high quality of life your dollars are allocated throughout Agoura Hills for roadways transportation community programs and more these funds help our city provide many services such as maintaining community amenities and providing high-quality recreation opportunities for those who live work and play in our community Agoura Hills is a really wonderful place to have a business


with its many distinctive shops and on-trend restaurants Agoura Hills has something for everyone to enjoy.


 known as the gateway to the Santa Monica mountains the city connects to epic trail networks and hiking opportunities along with breathtaking viewpoints of the surrounding Conejo Valley it's also just minutes away from the pristine pacific coastline and beaches and less than an hour from the sights and culture of la.


Agoura Hills is the perfect place to stay as you enjoy unique local venues and drivable day trips


whether you dine at a favorite restaurant stay at one of our local hotels order from local shops online store or make an in-person purchase, in Agoura Hills your decision to spend locally supports our dynamic community.


 living playing eating and staying in Agoura Hills you'll experience exceptional customer service an attribute that money can't buy


when you shop in Agoura Hills an experience awaits you world-class shopping and dining and amazing people who really care about who you are when you spend locally that money is able to be given back to the community by the many projects that we're able to put into roads bridges and all the things that the people enjoy so from the bottom of our hearts at the city we want to say thank you so much for all that you do


and please shop locally so we can continue to give these great services to you what are you waiting for live play eat stay Agoura Hills


Contact: Rocky Sheppard, Management Analyst

Phone: (818) 597-7367


City of Agoura Hills

29900 Ladyface Court Agoura Hills, CA 91301


For Immediate Release: City of Agoura Hills Partners with Rotary Club of Westlake Village On Inclusive Playground Project

(Agoura Hills, CA — June 17, 2022) The City of Agoura Hills is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with the Rotary Club of Westlake Village to collaborate on the Morrison Park Play Equipment Renovation Project. The two organizations, along with the Westlake Village Rotary Foundation are launching a fundraising effort to renovate the entire playground area at Morrison Park. The group approached the City with an interest to replace existing play equipment with one that was more innovative and more inclusive. The project’s mission is to create an inclusive play space where children of ALL abilities can play together. This playground will now meet the highest standards of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) by incorporating a poured in place rubber flooring surface. Skylar Goldman, a 5 year old local resident diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is the inspiration behind this playground project.


Both organizations are excited to see the new play equipment and the benefit it will bring to the children and families of Agoura Hills and the surrounding communities. Along with new play, climbing and educational amenities, the project will also include an updated and more accessible path of travel to the new equipment. The total cost of the project is estimated to be about $500,000. The Rotary Club of Westlake Village will be hosting fundraising activities and events to kick off their fundraising efforts in the coming months.


For more information about this project and how to make a donation and/or become a sponsor please visit the website or, contact Rocky Sheppard at (818) 597-7361 or email

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