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I bring out my champagne gun to celebrate professional successes. Let's create some together. 




A Passion is Born

My origin story begins with man-made lubricants. The finest synthetic oil that makes it possible for Truckers to drive across our majestic country and arrive successfully at their daily destinations each day. You see, my father was a marketing executive at Chevron and his fiefdom was the oil & lubricants division, where I interned on school breaks. 

As early as 12 years old, I frequently traveled from my Bay Area suburb to San Francisco where I'd meet my Dad at work. The euphoria of rising from the bowels of Montgomery Street BART station and ascending into a vibrant city with enormous skyscrapers and eclectic people was all the excitement a kid could ask for. My father would let me tag along to his meetings with the creative geniuses at the biggest ad advertising agencies in San Francisco. Not to brag, but I got to read issues of American Trucker Magazine weeks before they hit the newsstand. I was hooked.

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